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Често Задавани Въпроси

  • Are the prices fixed?
  • How can I purchase a book?
    Each of the books exhibited in Atelie 14 contains a reference (link) to the official website of the Softpress publishing house. You can purchase the books from there by following the instructions on their site. Atelie 14 does not perform direct sales of books.
  • Can I order paintings from abroad (i.e. if I am not in Bulgaria)?
    You can order Radostina A. Angelova's paintings from anywhere in the world. Of course, the price and delivery method may vary.
  • What are the delivery terms?
    Delivery is carried out by the courier companies Econt or Speedy to the company's home address or office.
  • How is the shipping price determined?
    The price of delivery is determined entirely by the courier company, depending on the size of the shipment, its weight and the receiving address. Atelie 14 doesn't put a premium on the price. Please note that the cost of delivery for orders over BGN 300. is covered by Atelie 14.
  • Are the delivery terms for paintings and books the same?
    No. The reason for this is that the paintings are sold directly by Atelie 14 and the books by Softpress. Pictures and books cannot be combined in one delivery. Please comply with the terms of delivery of the Softpress publishing house when ordering books by Radostina A. Angelova.
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